Phly Boyz                   


The Phly Boyz have established themselves as the ultimate worldwide party band, having now performed in over 40 different countries.

The Phly Boyz create a party atmosphere like no other. They have been copied many times but never equalled. They are the superstars of their genre, yet their performances always put the guests at the centre of attention.

Being acoustic allows them to play in any space.  From room to room, table to table, even on the tables. The show wouldn’t be complete without a solo performance from the most charismatic saxophonist that you will ever meet.

Their performance can include laidback instrumental jazz music and uptempo party songs covering multiple decades and several languages, including French, Italian and Russian.

There is no need for a sound system, nor complicated travel arrangements. These boys can fly anywhere. No hassle - only great entertainment and lots of fun wherever they go.

For an extra dimension to the party, Riviera Organisation is the home of the best all-round party DJs that complement the Phly Boyz perfectly!

Phly Boyz

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